Works in Progress Update: October 2017

October has been a productive month on Roc Rider book two. While I haven’t begun drafting yet (I’m still in my notebook riffing stage) I have figured out a number of important things about the new characters we’re going to meet and the storyline itself. Among these:

  • We’ll meet Tanin’s fellow apprentice from his days learning the ways of the Roc Rider. This character will play a significant role as ally and gatekeeper at various points and will serve to challenge Tanin’s personal code.
  • We will encounter characters who originate from the lands of the Narn, and on meeting them Tanin will be forced to reexamine some of his own beliefs about their religion and culture. This won’t be easy for him, having fought against armies of invading Narn in his past.
  • Zera is going to experience her yearling growth spurt, possibly to comedic effect at times. I haven’t decided yet whether this means Tanin will finally get to mount up and the two will take their first flight, but it’s a strong possibility.

There’s more I could tell you, but some of it may appear in book three rather than two, and some of it could change during the writing of book two so I don’t want to say too much right now.

On a different note, I have decided to cut back on doing these works in progress updates. In looking at the numbers and engagement, I notice that they’re far more effective when I have more to say. And let’s face it when I’m in certain stages like editing I kind of have to reach to find stuff to put in these. No one wants to read about how many superfluous words I cut out that month or anything like that.

So, rather than doing these monthly I’m going to switch to doing them quarterly. Hopefully, that will result in more detailed and interesting WIP updates when they happen, and I can fill the space I was using for these monthly updates with other types of blogs.

That’s it for October, have a good weekend everyone!