Get Nerdy On Thirty: November 2017

The time has once again come for us to Get Nerdy On Thirty with a list of things nerds will love! In this month’s lineup we have some art featuring mystic goings on in space, some information about the largest Sherlock Holmes collection in the world going to auction, a look at the game that will bring the magic of Pokemon GO to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and more! Check it out!

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1. Brandon Sanderson Releases “Oathbringer”

For anyone who may have been living under a rock this month, one of the giants of fantasy released the long awaited third novel in his most acclaimed series this month. Can’t wait to dive into it myself!

2. Fantasy Book Cafe’s Review of “Strange the Dreamer”

An interesting sounding title I’ve had my eye on for a bit.

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3. Daisy Ridley Says Episode IX Will Be Her Last Star Wars Film

As great a career move as landing a role in Star Wars can be, given what happened to many of the cast from the original trilogy in terms of typecasting and lack of work I can’t say I blame Daisy for wanting to walk away from the franchise once the movies are finished.

4. Trainer Drops A Possible Hint About The “Venom” Movie Villain

While I can’t say I think a Venom movie will be particularly successful, I do enjoy Venom as a villain and find Carnage annoying. It would be a bit of fun to see Carnage get his butt handed to him by a villain with some chops.

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Video Games

5. Gaming Moments One Can Never Erase From Their Memory

I haven’t played most of the games on this list, but these do sound like moments that would stick with you.

6. Video Game Villains Who Were Actually Right

While some of these are of the “making a horrible choice to avoid something else horrible” variety, some of these villains actually do have a point.

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7.  “Star birth” by SpaceWeaver

8. “Distant sadness” by SpaceWeaver

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9. Largest Sherlock Holmes Collection Ever To Be Auctioned

Proving that media piracy is anything but a modern phenomenon this impressive collection of signed works and memorabilia includes a number of pirated copies of Sir Aruthur Conan Doyle’s work.

10. Niantic Announces “Harry Potter:  Wizard’s Unite”

As a casual Pokemon GO player (I mostly play when walking the dog) I think this could be quite fun as well. I’m curious to see how they adapt the augmented reality concept to the world of wizards.

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