Book Reviews: A New Rating System

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Before I post this month’s book review later in the week, I wanted to talk briefly about my rating system for reviews on this blog. After my last review of “Heartless”, I have reason to believe that some of my readers are not happy with my “follow what the words that pop-up when you hover over the stars on Goodreads say” method of starring books.

Admittedly, the above method is a bit lazy of me. So, I’ve decided to revise my rating system. Going forward, here is what the stars will mean:

5 Stars = I loved it! There is nothing I dislike about this book and it completely transported me! (NOTE:  This does not necessarily mean the book in question doesn’t have problems. I may just have enjoyed it so much that the problems don’t matter to me)

4 Stars = I liked it a lot! There may be a few issues with it, but they are easily overlooked.

3 Stars = It was okay. I enjoyed reading it, but the book has some issues that bothered me or kept me from being totally immersed in the story.

2 Stars = I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy reading it because the problems with it were just too much. (NOTE:  The book may be good enough that I can see how other people might enjoy it, but it just didn’t work for me.)

1 Star = I honestly doubt you’ll ever see one of these on the blog, because any book I would rate at one star I’m not likely to finish, and I only review books I’ve read cover to cover. Still, in the event it happens it means I didn’t like it, the problems with it were overwhelming, and I highly doubt anyone else will like it either.

Hopefully, this will work a little better for everyone. Over time I’ll start to update my old reviews to reflect the new system.