Get Nerdy On Thirty: October 2017

October’s Get Nerdy On Thirty features a rundown of the best PC games of 2017, two book reviews from two great websites, some stunning Warcraft 3 fan art, and get ready for Easter in October cause some of the best Easter Eggs in gaming and Stranger Things Season 2 top off our list in Extras. Enjoy!

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1.  Best in Fantasy Reviews “The Hope Store”

Another great review from Connie J. Jasperson over at Best in Fantasy.

2. Fantasy Book Cafe Reviews “The False Prince”

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3.  Marvel Releases “Previously on X-Men”

Some may argue that this doesn’t belong in the Movies/TV section since this article is, technically, about a book. But the book is about one of the TV shows most beloved by nerds to this day, so I’m counting it. Get the full story on the making of this 90’s animated classic with this cool sounding book.

4. Scifi Movies to Look Forward to in 2018

Many of these movies sound amazing, although I’m most curious about the “A Wrinkle in Time” film and how it will turn out. I’m theoretically excited for the next Jurrasic Park installment too, although I wasn’t totally satisfied with “Jurrasic World” so I’m not holding my breath.

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Video Games

5.  Den of Geek’s Review of “Super Mario Odyssey”

I haven’t played a Mario game in a long time, but I have to say this does sound like fun.

6. PC Mag’s Picks for the Best PC Games of 2017

Okay, a couple of these I don’t think actually came out in 2017, but still, its a good list if you’re looking for something to play.

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7. “Frostmourne Cavern” by Kanaru92

A wonderfully eery rendering of the cavern where Frostmourne rested before Prince Arthas set his hand to the hilt and sealed the fate of a world.

8. “Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage” by SiaKim

I like this particular rendering of Illidan because it shows his more contemplative side. The general leading an army as opposed to the ferocious warrior we generally see in artistic renderings.

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9. IGN’s 10 Favorite Easter Eggs From Gaming

Watch all the way to the end and you’ll get to learn where the term Easter Egg actually came from in relation to gaming. Very cool.

10. Easter Eggs You Missed In Stranger Things Season 2

Obviously don’t look at this list unless you want spoilers, silly person.

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